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Quote 31

If you want to change the world – begin with yourself…

Zett Why


Youthful naivety

The magic of youth, as wise people say, is hidden not in the youth itself, but in its naivety and belief that the entire world belongs to you and you can change it. The reasons for making changes may not be present yet, but there is still an unending desire. When a person grows up and becomes more mature, he becomes wiser and realizes that the world can’t be changed so easily. But youth doesn’t give up – a young man first reduces his world-conquering ambition down to the size of his native country. After some time it becomes clear that this is also impossible…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Naive egoism doesn’t know any limits

The desire to change the world has been around for thousands of years. Maybe it wasn’t common to a lay person calmly working in his fields, but members of the upper class used to constantly rack their brains about it. All the wars of the cross and the conquest of Rome worked under the same principle. Some achieved more, others  less, but no one really succeeded.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Character determines circumstances

World conquering begins with you. Your environment is the same as you perceive it to be. If your world is gloomy and grey – it’s not the world’s fault, it’s yours. Everything is thought. Remember Buddha’s saying – “you are what you thought yesterday”.

If you think that the people around you don’t like you – they really don’t like you. The funniest thing is that it isn’t their fault. Maybe they even like you. It’s your evaluation that colors this relationship. Any situation can be evaluated by two main criteria – good or bad. If you evaluate the environment negatively, it will be negative. Everything depends on the polarization of your thoughts. That inner filter, existing only in your head, colors all situations by the shade you desire.

Do a tiny experiment – repeat to yourself all day that the people around you are very helpful. The more sincerely you do it and believe it, the greater the result will become. You can adjust the same principle to any aspect of life. Change your attitude, and the circumstances will also change.

In the East it is said – “your character determines your circumstances”. Character consists of reactions to situations. Reactions refer to the attitude. Begin to change the world in small ways. Big things will happen by themselves – as a side effect.

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