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Quote 48

A borrowed jacket never suits you…

Zett Why


Collecting points

In the modern pragmatic world, a healthy view of life with values acceptable to all is appreciated. Values motivate us to seek goals in the same spheres – in science, at work, at home, in children’s education, in communication with friends, in career, holidays and bank account planning. If you want to become successful in the eyes of society, you need to collect as many points as you can in each of the spheres. Your children enter a particular university – points. You manage to relax on holiday in a sunny resort – points. You buy a bigger house – points. All of your life passes by while collecting them. But at particular moments, often because of personal failures in collecting points or an unexpected painful trial, a person asks himself – is this really what I want? What are my values, and how do they fit society’s standards?


What is yours?

Many books were written in the ancient times and their authors state that our world is full of illusions. Each of us accepts it differently. There is no evidence that we participate in real events or that the world around us is reality, not a dream.

Psychological experiments…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Don’t respond to the pressure!

We are created from a collection of desires and goals, which begins with the physiological and ends with material desires, and the goals of our society dominate. While growing up and developing, we see the example of our parents, follow the given program obediently, and try to fit into the framework of society. Only a few people manage to break the rules, and those few also have a possibility to change the set values.

So, only a few manage. They’re the ones who do not respond to society’s pressure and are looking for their own way. The main indicator of the way is a feeling of satisfaction in consciousness. Only a few feel total satisfaction in consciousness by collecting the points valued by society’s goals. If you want to throw these goals away, you need to wake up from the dream and take the wheel into your own hands.

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