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Quote 42

A dream or reality – only you exist…

Zett Why


Which reality is real?

Since our birth we have been told that the world we live in is material and absolutely the only reality, and we have continued to live our lives according to this. Contrary to this, some of the newest discoveries of modern physics (physics, which officially denies other realities and only recognizes substance!) show us that everything works in a totally different way than we think…

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52 Quotes to live by

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All reality exists only in your head

For the purpose of understanding the secret hiding behind the material world, let’s remember what we know about our sight, which provides us with the greatest amount of information about our environment. Visual understanding has several stages. When we “see”, tiny particles of light called photons are received from objects in the world around us by our eyes.  They go through the lenses in our eyes and focus on the retina, which covers the back surface of each eye. Here the particles of light are transformed into electrical impulses and are sent by nerve cells to the visual centre in the rear portion of our brain. This is the place where the understanding of visual information happens. All the things and events that we see in our life are experienced in this tiny, dark corner of our brain. The text that you are reading now and the limitless landscape that you can see by looking across the sky really arise in a small part of the brain occupying a few cubic centimeters in area.

Let’s try to analyze this information logically. By saying “we see”, we are actually talking about the effect caused by particles of light reaching our eyes and being transformed into electrical impulses. So we are just experiencing the electric impulses occurring in our brain…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Here’s another fact – an argument. When Columbus reached the coast of America, the native people couldn’t see any of his ships. They only noticed ripples in the water. You may ask – why? The people simply didn’t have that information or image available in their brain to be able to recognize them.


Change your perception

Objects that may seem very far from us are also only forms experienced in that same tiny area of our brain. For instance, a person looking at the stars knows that they are at a distance of millions of light-years. But at that same moment, the stars are also in the vision centre of his brain. This means that there’s no distance at all…

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52 Quotes to live by

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