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Quote 03

Be no one, if you want to stand high…

Zett Why


The concept of egoism

When a person learns to think and analyze, he starts choosing. From the choosing principle, egoism is born – the more people seek it, the more expensive a thing or a position is. It is said that the greatest victory is to conquer your own egoism. So, let’s find out what it means at first.

Wikipedia says: “Egocentrism is a personality trait which has the characteristic of regarding oneself and one’s own opinions or interests as the most important or valid.” To put it simply, it’s an unlimited desire to feel pleasure by using everything that is around us, due to self-interest. Egoism reaches its peak of satisfaction when its selfish stimulus helps us to achieve what other people can’t.


The development of egoism

The development of egoism can be watched in parallel with the evolution of human beings. At first it was minimal – related to the provision of food and family growth. Its roots are instincts. Look at children, and you will the see the purest egoism. Because their intellect is not yet developed, they only follow instincts.

During human evolution and the growth of communities, egoism developed, too. It couldn’t fail to impact individual desires, displayed by the goals of property, fame and authority. Egoism also got became more prominent during the development of civilization. If the quest for authority was limited by a tribe in the Stone Age, nowadays it is concentrated in state and local governments. Authority in a primitive society used to be given to the strongest representative of a tribe, while nowadays this is not an essential condition. In a primitive society, having your rocks in a better position was a must and even a security feature, but now a house with fifty rooms is just a status symbol.

In observing the evolution of egoism, one tendency is really worrisome. I have in mind its acceleration. It’s enough to simply compare the last two generations, and we can clearly see the rising tendencies for egoism. We can often see it in parents communicating with their children. Parents usually criticize the growth in their children’s desires and talk about their own lives as examples, when many of their own wishes were much smaller. So here we can make a conclusion that egoism increases like the numbers of an arithmetic progression.


When will we stop?

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52 Quotes to live by

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How much do you really need?

Looking at it from one side, it may seem that the world is headed straight to self-destruction, and that there are no real enemies – other than ourselves – we are the only ones harming ourselves.

It also seems that our egoism has reached its peak. The world and its resources are too small for our scope. We should all realize that by using cars we are polluting the air and destroying the environment around us. But how many people, in understanding this, have deliberately stopped using their cars? A second wave of crises goes through the world. Pick any one of these crises – each one is a fruit of egoism. We can’t use the world for the constant satisfaction of our desires any more.

A reverse process is running – the more we try to satisfy our egoism, the more we suffer. Something which was once an engine of development has started to harm itself by going too far. There is only one way to escape – by throwing off egoism -  and if we don’t do it ourselves, we will be forced into self-destruction.

Psychologically, egoism is relevant. It gives us food. But a problem arises when the limit of our needs is turned away from its proper path – the limit of how much we really need. All of us want to be happy. Whatever this amount of happiness may be, whether 100 grams or 1 kilo – it’s the same happiness. Uncountable.

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