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Quote 27

Death is the best lawyer…

Zett Why

Fear of death

Fear of death is a normal self-defence mechanism. It’s programmed in every creature. Without it we wouldn’t live long. But sometimes this fear overruns rational limits and even becomes a psychological problem – a millstone, disturbing to move. Fear of death or the self-defence instinct usually work when there is a direct threat to life. For instance, it doesn’t allow a person to stand on the edge of a deep hole without a care or pick up a snake by hand. When there’s no apparent danger, this instinct usually doesn’t show itself in a visible form. Despite this, its influence is much greater than we imagine.

Fear of death is our constant companion. When we were children, we didn’t understand what happened to grandfather or why he was lying still and everyone was crying. After our consciousness and egoism develop and we grow up, we begin to get used to the fact of death. Our fear of death is directly proportional to the size of our egoism. The bigger our egoism is, the more fear we have that one day we’ll have to leave without taking anything we’ve saved.


The main cause of fear

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52 Quotes to live by

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Death is the best lawyer!

Many people, in saying that they are not worried about death are actually cheating themselves. It’s also a self-defence instinct. We’re keen on cheating ourselves by thinking that it won’t happen to us, despite all the accidents happening around us. Only a person with a clear conscience and minimal egoism can philosophize about death without fear. If you want to change your relation with death, you’ll have to change your relation with life. Your life should stop being a life of only reacting to situations. It’s time to start living a real life.

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52 Quotes to live by

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