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Quote 47

Don’t blame life, and everything will be a miracle…

Zett Why


Ego never satisfies itself

One proverb says: whatever amount of food you give to a wolf – he’s still looking at the forest. The same works with human egoism – our desires have no end. After learning to think, we find duality. Duality divides the world into two parts. We clearly understand what is good and what is bad. Of course, we choose good and try to save it as much as we can. Then the efforts to choose only one side of life turn the balancing forces on. Things that we seek the most, move away the furthest. The more “good” we try to create – the more bad appears around us. How much suffering and disappointments we would avoid, if we realized such a simple truth…?

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52 Quotes to live by

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Egoism in turn creates a competitive race, and the race has no end.


The other side of balance

Tired from the race created by egoism, many people begin to blame their circumstances or other people, but not themselves. Enough with pretending that the circumstances disturb you enough to change something in your life! This is only lying to yourself. Finding comfort for yourself and the people around you is a common tactic, while many more people blame others for their own failures in life.  You can only find a few who will admit that they’re responsible for their own actions.

The worst thing is that when finding comfort in disasters, we increase them by double. Each of us is talented and unique in an original way. But we waste the best part of our time and talents seeking borrowed goals and satisfying the egoism of others. Only you are guilty for the things that you haven’t accepted, or there’s an improperly small amount of money in your account. Egoism and the desire to make yourself more self-important by complaining to someone, or to be more precise – by making others responsible, is just seeking to make yourself look better to yourself. But it only provides a temporary effect, and your whining makes people around you tired.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Technology of a miracle

The more sincerely you do this, the more miracles will appear. Imagine that you have no claims on your life. Does this result in a more positive feeling in your body? In your mind? After getting rid of all the claims, you’ll also get rid of the habit of whining about your own troubles. There will be many more opportunities in your life, and things will become more simple like a miracle. The most important thing is not to give any of this prominence, so that egoism will not wake up. If after getting the biggest present in your life, you again begin to think that you’re special – the time of miracles will come to an end. The happiest one thinks least about happiness…

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