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Quote 30

Don’t make excuses – people are still always dissatisfied…

 Zett Why


Whatever we do

Whatever we do, people around us are still always dissatisfied. When we’re single, people ask about our significant other. Why we are single? And if we aren’t – when are we going to get married? After marriage they ask about a child. After the child is born, they ask about a second one. After the second one, they say – maybe it’s enough, or maybe you’re planning a third child? If divorce happens in a family they ask – why? And when we meet another person after a divorce, they wonder and don’t understand, asking why so fast?

Whatever we do, people are always dissatisfied with our situation. This doesn’t happen in only these situations, it is true throughout life. Here the question arises – is it worth making excuses for others? They live in such situations themselves. Other people ask them the same things.

Judges are wrong themselves

Making excuses for one or another life circumstance is a constant activity. We live under norms set by someone, but almost no one succeeds in living by them completely…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Dare not to make excuses anymore

It isn’t worth making excuses for other reasons, too. Real friends will understand, because the essence of a friendship is that you can be yourself in the relationship. Others still won’t believe you, and each of them will evaluate you according their own scale of correspondence to society’s norms. People who have experienced it themselves will keep silent. The ones who “correspond” to society’s norms – will blame you. If you look at the people around you carefully, you will notice that the ones who stand closest to the limits of society’s norms blame others the most. Your problem reminds them of their own problem. They don’t want to solve their own difficulties, and instead waste all their energy in backbiting others. They hope to solve your problem in such a way and unconsciously desire to muddle their way through their own problem.

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52 Quotes to live by

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