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Quote 22

Don’t overestimate yourself, and you won’t be angry at anything…

Zett Why


The concept of conceit

Let’s explore some terms here. Conceit appears if we pay too much attention to, or overestimate ourselves. Conceit appears in our mind at first. To be more specific, it’s an intellectually created fruit. Conceit works in two ways. In one way, it’s overvaluing yourself, and in the other – devaluing. Many people repeat to themselves: “I’m an important person”, “my job is full of responsibility” or “my opinion is better”. A much worse option is self-devaluing, or even despising yourself. Whenever doing anything, you always expect that the worst thing will happen, and always think that you could have done it better. The polarization differs, but the essence is the same.

Outer conceit is a natural consequence of internal thinking. You will recognize outer conceit from such sentences as: “I only like this” and “I think that this is better than that”. We choose one thing from several. The choice itself is not so bad, but a problem occurs when we value our chosen option over others.


The Law of balance is an enemy of conceit

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52 Quotes to live by

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The dark side of conceit

Conceit takes up more space in our daily life than you imagine. Watch your daily schedule. All our life works under the “I want – I hate” principle. By saying that we like one or another thing, we express our desire unconsciously. When despising something, we say that we would actually like this thing, and we also clearly realize that we can’t or maybe won’t be able to afford it. It seems to all be in the details, but just like a dollar consists of cents, our life consists of details.

By expressing our direct and indirect desires, we give more or less importance to things, and turn the balance principle on. If you say that you hate something, it will stay with you in various life situations. You will be stuck with it, until you make peace with it, or go to other side of the extreme, and begin adoring it. Adoring it will also be an extreme, and sooner or later the balance principle will turn you towards the other direction. This has no end – until you find a balance.


Celebrate an extreme condition

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52 Quotes to live by

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Only after reaching a bottom can you can take a step. But don’t take too long of a step – the opposite extreme is not as far as you think…

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