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Quote 24

Emotions are your best advisors…

Zett Why


Emotions vs. Intellect

During the time of the great philosopher Plato, it was said that cognition is followed by feelings, and they are part of the mind. Still, Plato himself was one of the fathers of the idea that feelings represent the more primitive, animal instincts first, and aren’t in harmony with thinking. Later this thought was revisited by Sigmund Freud and his followers. What about after that? These days we can hear the widespread opinion that emotions can even disturb thinking, and that they should be controlled, tempered, and reduced by other aggressive actions. It’s probably a natural thing – that one side denies the other.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Emotions in our daily life

One time I had the possibility to watch a TV show where the topic was emotional intelligence. The announcer mentioned several well-known names and their success stories. The thing that got the most attention was a picture of an iceberg. As we all know, the peak of an iceberg floating in water is equal to only one tenth of its whole mass. The upper part of the iceberg can represent IQ, or intellect, and the underwater part – the EQ, or emotional intelligence. It’s a very important fact – the emotional intelligence part is nine times bigger than the intellectual one. I think that a better allegory can’t be found. If you watch your daily life carefully, you’ll see emotions everywhere. Even in deciding something or what in our opinion is strictly logical, they participate in one way or another.

Just after birth, we are polarized at once. Some of us serve the attracting pole, others – the letting go one. People with attracting polarization seek to increase the amount of things they desire, like relationships, acquaintances and authority by all means. The same processes work at the mental level. People with the letting go polarization don’t have the quality of attaching themselves to things, people or authority. It’s useful to observe that these two polarizations aren’t compatible.

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52 Quotes to live by

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The mind clearly separates what is good and what is bad. To a wise person, it’s one undivided thing. In other words, a wise person sees no difference between good and bad – it’s one and the same. People who have had the attracting polarization since birth intensively develop the side of intellect committed to improving and dominating, whereas people with the letting go type develop the side concerned with emotional intelligence. Emotions are constructive in their natural occurrence, but any effort by the intellect “to control” them brings destruction.


Intellectual impact on emotions

The negative influence of intellect on emotions is much greater than we imagine. For example, a person falls in love. After the feeling love fades, the next emotion according to the natural progression of things, should be Letting go. Oriental wisdom says that love lets go without holding on, and if we look at the same love through an intellectual prism, it will require verification at first. So after the feeling ends, a healthily emotional person Lets it go, and a person ruled by intellect, losing the guarantee of a responsive feeling, calls in the opposite side of love– hatred. All this is programmed by the intellect. Observe how logic works – good and bad, black and white. It can only work with extremes.

All emotions can be analyzed in such a way, so you can see which ones are ruled by intellect. Set your emotions free. It may be hard at first, because the intellect will be disturbed. But the more you try, the more changes you will notice around you. Communication with other people and matters will sort itself out. Don’t give up after the first failure. After learning how to cover things up, you’ll now have to try uncovering.

Don’t bottle up your emotions. Remember that doing this is only an intellectual attempt to stop their natural flow.

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