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Quote 14

Everyone’s suffering – yesterday or tomorrow…

Zett Why


Competition encourages a race

People are often in a constant rush, and are rarely satisfied with their current situation. Real moments of joy and blessings are usually postponed to the future or remembered from the past. Even present day achievements are valued and analyzed by comparing them to those of other people. This creates the feeling of being in a race – a race that has no end. In today’s modern world the ability to be the best or the strongest is preferred to only being good or strong. Competition is encouraged everywhere, and the race is based on an intellectually created hierarchy principle. The higher the position is, the more applicants. Go watch any Hollywood movie. There you will find a superhero, sweeping everything away from the ground by the power implementing his truth.

Psychologists say that it’s our nature that stimulates us to compete. But if this tendency was natural, it would be dominant in all cultures. In the East, where the domination of intellect is lower, people are less competitive than in the West. Thinking logically, competition can be understood as a consequence of socialization. In my opinion, everything depends on mindset. As I have already mentioned, the main problem with competition is trying to distance or even push joy and happiness away from yourself as you compete.


Everything that belongs to you comes easily and with joy

Some psychology experts say that our constant striving and looking for something to achieve comes from our instincts for growth, but this assumption can definitely be criticized. For instance, the world’s best sportsmen get huge salaries, although there’s already no more space for their development. One more popular reason for competition is the desire to save self-esteem, and here it’s worth mentioning that self-esteem and conceit have one and the same meaning. Many people experience a vacuum of values, so the stability and exaltation of self-esteem can only be earned by conquering others. This situation is even worse when we talk about a person whose feeling of self-worth is not related to him. His self-esteem is directly proportional to his position or status within society.

But all the statuses and all the positions are only temporary roles. Identifying with these roles leads to a lot of suffering. In rushing to overtake something we don’t even comprehend, we are always followed by fear, unease, envy, and other negative feelings. These are constant warnings, saying that you are not going your own Way.

Everything that belongs to you comes easily and with joy. Other things probably don’t belong to you. How many people around us are trying to catch what is not theirs at any price, and only to prove something to others? On Earth you have to pay for everything, and not necessarily by money. The result of feeling constant fear and stress in our consciousness is damaging to our physical and mental health.


Your future starts Here and Now

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52 Quotes to live by

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