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Quote 25

Excellence of life is in a feeling of measure!

Zett Why


Do you know when enough is enough?

The feeling of measure is probably the most important of all wisdoms. A person’s personality, body, feelings, senses and needs are a strongly interrelated complex. Still, each part has a tendency to become extreme if it becomes dominant. How can we recognize when a limit is near or being approached?

If success comes, you try to hold on to it by all means, but how can you keep something that can slip through your fingers like sand and doesn’t depend on you for the most part? If you save enough money, you’ll have to keep an eye on it constantly. Have you forgotten when you last felt sincere joy? If you have become well-known as a wise person, maybe you’ll drown in pretentious nonsense. It’s true for all of us. Learn to recognize your limits! What improves us in the first stage, destroys us after crossing the line. Sooner or later everyone faces it. The first sign of crossing the line is temper and a feeling of dissatisfaction in our consciousness.


Feel the measure in everything

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52 Quotes to live by

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –


Pathology is always near

Clearly feel the limit, behind which suffering is waiting. Don’t force yourself to work or run around, but be active. When seeking comfort or beauty, don’t be greedy even in thoughts, but be particular. In compiling knowledge, don’t try to become quick-witted, but instead look deeply. In taking compassion on others, don’t complain, but be responsive to people who need your help. After achieving well-being, don’t be jealous, don’t steal, and don’t try to look big, but know its price. After becoming religious, don’t condemn non-believers, threaten them or swear at them. Try to be a wise person, accepting both differences and contrasts. Then you won’t cross the line.

Pathology is not somewhere else. It’s always near. It’s intangible. People sick in body and soul are always right…

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