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Quote 06

Eyes should see, ears should hear, and the mind should keep silent…

Zett Why


A story of a hermit

Very long ago, near the place where Mumbai is these days, a hermit lived. He was a clear and wise human. All who knew the hermit respected him for his clear mind and wisdom. Many used to say that he was truly enlightened. Hearing this, the hermit asked the people:

- Is there any person in the world who could be known as truly enlightened?

- “Oh yes”, they answered. There is a monk called Buddha. He lives in a Savati city. He is truly enlightened and is teaching others how to reach it.

“I have to go to this person”, the hermit decided, “and I must learn how to get truly enlightened”. So he left to go find him…

After long wanderings he finally reached the Buddha meditation centre. There he asked where he could find the monk called Buddha. He was told that Buddha had gone to the city asking for food. The hermit didn’t want to wait till Buddha came back, so he asked:

- Which way had Buddha gone?

One of the monks showed him the way. The hermit went in that direction straightaway. After reaching the city, he saw a person walking from one house to another. The hermit asked if the person was Buddha, and was told yes. The hermit came closer to Buddha, bowed, embraced his feet, and said:

- Mister, I have heard that you are truly enlightened, and teach others how to reach it. Please teach me, too!

- OK, Buddha answered. My teaching is simple: when you see, you should just see; when you hear, you should just hear; by smelling, tasting, touching you should just smell, taste, touch; by realizing you should just realize. When contact with the environment appears through any of the senses, there shouldn’t be any evaluation. Your perception shouldn’t be affected by earlier experience…


Seeing the world Here and Now

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52 Quotes to live by

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