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Quote 44

Find true stillness, anything else doesn’t matter…

Zett Why


Stress is our constant companion

Hardly anyone can brag about not having any stress in their life. Whether a lot or a little, stress is our daily companion. Permanent tension is harmful to our health. The body can suffer from it, but tension first appears in our mind. On one hand, stress is relevant because it’s a tool that can be used to increase our comfort zone. On the other hand, anything that goes to an extreme can hurt or destroy us.

Nature created man in such a way, that he could clear up all his troubles by himself. There is a saying – what you get from life is equal to the amount that you can cope with. When you already can’t cope with it – you’re probably already gone. Research…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Causes of stress

We react differently to things that cause stress. What only seems to be a small problem for one person can become a crippling millstone for another. The mass media is full of advice on how to fight stress – you need to eat properly, sleep well, get exercise, walk in the fresh air, combine your work with rest, and so on. When looking at people who follow this advice, a conclusion can be made that such methods really don’t work, and if they do work, then not for long. The reason for them not working is that everyone tries to fight the consequences of stress without eliminating the cause.

It has been noticed that the more “developed” a country is, the higher the percentage of psychiatrists it has. Yes, psychiatrists try to work with the human mind, but the main tool they use is tranquilizers. Unfortunately, they also don’t really solve the problem, but instead only deaden the symptoms of stress by chemical means.

Meanwhile, everything is so simple – the main reason for your stress is conceit. Yes, conceit.


Get rid of your conceit!

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52 Quotes to live by

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