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Quote 15

Gold only glints in shit…

Zett Why


When criticizing, you harm yourself

Buddhism wisdom says – the lotus blossoms in the marsh. It means that only in facing obstacles do we have an ability to realize our potential. In this part of the book, I would like to talk more about another human quality – being critical.

Looking at it from a psychological view, criticism is understood as a mechanism for self-defense and ego affirmation. We denigrate others in order to raise ourselves up in comparison. When you persuade yourself that there is only shit around you, the “golden effect” appears. From one side it may seem that there’s nothing inherently wrong with a bigger or smaller critique, but everything works in such a way that there are no separate processes – all is related, and makes up an entire complex.


Criticism ruins creation

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52 Quotes to live by

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Criticism is relevant

My purpose is not to persuade you to give up criticism totally. The world around us would become insincerely sweet then. Constructive, advisory criticism may even be a starting point in helping with another person’s development. But when making comments, you shouldn’t forget your responsibility, because this can do both – either help or hurt. Another feature of negative criticism is two-edged content. A bad critique is usually built on sarcasm and subjective judgment, denigrating the other person. Scientists have proved that negative information influences our mind three times stronger than a compliment, whereas I think that a compliment influences us about the same amount, but this is not an important factor here.

Let’s look at a critic from another point of view, and let’s think about why a critic makes criticism. We can only see things that we have within ourselves in another person. For instance, if we have a great amount of arrogance, it will only be arrogance that we will see in the other person. This is applicable for any other quality. Here we can make the conclusion that when criticizing, we only highlight the qualities that are dominant within ourselves.

So when criticizing another person, we also criticize ourselves. If everyone who was being criticized knew this, the criticism wouldn’t cause them any harm. If a critic knew this, he probably wouldn’t want to criticize anymore.

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