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Quote 39

„He who defends the humiliated, only heightens himself…“

Zett Why


Gold only glints in shit…

When you see that gold only glints when surrounded by shit, you’ll begin to realize that good can’t exist without bad. When you understand that a winner’s triumph is built on another person’s pain, it won’t be difficult to realize that a clever one is best seen only among fools. After looking deeper you’ll notice that he, who is fighting for peace, is the biggest aggressor, and that the one who is fighting for justice the loudest, is the most unfair. Everything has an opposite motive.

A person who is moving in one direction while denying the other is like a boat on a lake. We can see a long scuffed footmark on the other side of the boat. It’s imprinted inside us – the longer the footmark is, the deeper the suffering is.


Opposite motives

When people begin to understand that beauty is beauty, ugliness appears for them. When they realize that good is good – the bad appears. No one has managed to cheat the forces of balance yet…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Learn not to tilt the balance anymore

So, our communication with the people around us should be very simple now. Everyone betrays themself just after opening their mouth. Everyone being torn by the balancing forces is defending the opposite side of the balance by trying to compensate for the other force. By seeing their opposite motives, you will understand on which side of the balance people are really standing. Then you’ll be able to avoid their attempts to involve you in their balancing act. You will realize at which point the limit is being crossed, and what you should correct in yourself. After learning not to tilt the balance, you’ll get rid of the habit of harming other people. After learning how to not harm other people, you will find the joy of life anew. After finding the joy of life, all the other things will happen by themselves…

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