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Quote 49

Illness is an opportunity for you…

Zett Why


Illness is a signal

The main condition for life to exist is balance. A person can be considered healthy when there is a balance between their body and mind. Seeking this is programmed within us. When we get tired physically, the mental realization of tiredness warns us that it’s time to rest and restore our energy. That’s how the balancing forces restore balance.

Every living organism seeks balance according to the internal law of life. This law works in every creature from the time they are born. In their first moments of life, an animal or a person learns a lesson from the balancing forces – to maintain their balance in order to move around. Later it becomes automatic. As an organism develops, its interactivity and relationships with the environment become more complex and difficult. In each conflict with the environment, the laws of balance come into force. After breaking these laws, our body informs us about this with the first symptoms of an illness. Illness is a signal that we have lost our balance or gone to an extreme.


A view on illnesses

You have probably already noticed that most children have uncomplicated forms of illnesses. They also tend to recover very fast, whereas chronic and incurable diseases are more common to adults. After breaking the balance principle, simple disorders are sent to a person at…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Illness is an opportunity

Of course, it’s not easy to be in harmony in modern life. The statistics of disease don’t bring any joy, but the balance between the body and mind can be recovered. It shouldn’t be difficult, because an organism is constantly seeking it by itself. Illness is a signal that the balance is broken, but until realizing the fact of illness, other signals try to get our attention. Many of us don’t react to these either. They begin with simple things – constant fatigue or mental tension. Nowadays, talking about immunity to various illnesses is a hot top topic. But many investigators have come to the conclusion that it isn’t the amount of vitamins that determines a person’s strength, but their mental condition.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Don’t be angry with yourself – remember that it’s you who earned the illness, and thank it sincerely for the opportunity to make a change.

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