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Quote 19

In advising another person, you only burden him with troubles…

Zett Why


The natural desire to help others

One of the natural human qualities is helping others, and it’s probably something without which it would be difficult to survive in a community. It looks like the desire to help others is already programmed in our genes.

Scientists once did an experiment, in which eighteen-month-old babies participated. The experiment showed that when a baby sees an adult not directly related to him, whose hands are full and who needs help in lifting something, he reacts almost at once. It looks like helpful behavior is instinctive because it appears very early, even before parents start teaching politeness. I believe that helping others is natural and a good thing. In this part of the book I would like to talk more about help, which we try to give others in times of emergency, failure, or psychological conflict.


Are you unbiased in advising others?

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52 Quotes to live by

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If we could learn from the mistakes of others…

Many wise books say that a really clever person learns from the mistakes of others. But there are only a few clever persons, because after having gained a good amount of experience, they begin advising. What a boring and horribly perfect world we would live in, if we could learn from the mistakes of others. People would just stop making them at a certain point.

There’s no need to look far – the scriptures and wise people have given us advice on how to be happy. Look around and count how many people have really become happy. After all, if people could become happier or smarter from some advice given by you, the entire world should be swimming in joy from all the advice we’ve had in the past. In advising others, you only burden them with your own troubles and experience, which is blocking development.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Conclusion: our wisdom comes together with our experience, but the same wisdom can also stop us. Grandfather probably never experienced fresh morning grass with his feet again…

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