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Quote 51

Know without words…

Zett Why


How many words there are…

There are about 3000 different languages in the world. Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine that people didn’t speak at all way back in the past. It’s difficult to imagine being without a language. Even in silence we think about particular concepts with verbal expression. A person who can hear and speak doesn’t know how a deaf or mute person lives and thinks about the world.

When did people begin to speak? Some sources say that it started about 35,000 years ago. An even more important thing is how much we have managed to say through all these years. Primitives used to utilize several main words, expressing such concepts as “danger”, “prey”, and so on, whereas modern people get lost in words more and more, because the amount of words is rising proportionally to human development. It is estimated that we use about 5000 words daily, and about 80% of them are expressed in thought! How many words are there, and how little meaning is contained in some of them? The more concepts we have describing any specific action, the more difficult is to interpret the meaning.


The essence fits into several words

The next problem related to words is interpreting them. The main purpose of a word is its meaning. Or to be more precise – interpreting the…

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

52 Quotes to live by

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

Throw out the things written by the clerks of the Church in it, and you’ll have a book that will be much thinner.

I’m also trying to follow the ultimate in brevity. By the way, the essence of this book should only be the 52 Quotes, but modern people have strayed too far from their natural meaning to understand them without a detailed explanation.


Words chain us

When we are drowning in an emotion, we don’t need any words. We simply feel the emotion and don’t try to explain it to ourselves. Any trying to explain it is an intellectually created mechanism to tie everything to knowledge. But the one who feels, isn’t able to know anything. When you realize that you feel something, understand that the feeling is already gone.

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

52 Quotes to live by

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

The one who doesn’t chain himself with words and verbal rules will overtake the fastest carriage in the world. The one who has no form, because he doesn’t know the word for it, will pass through things that have no gaps. Get free from words and you’ll get free from the chains. Know without words!

So, isn’t it time to shut up and finally begin living?

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