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Quote 01

Knowing that not knowing is good equals halfway to happiness…

Zett Why

Information paradox

Nowadays, every person can be called a walking library. While Christian tradition says that God’s ways are higher, we can make an observation – intellectual ways are limitless. Our developing civilization and the growing amount of information available show that intellect is in a golden age. But it hasn’t brought happiness to people, even with its technological progress. It’s related to all the aspects of our lives, especially for families.

Check the divorce statistics. The family institution is losing its meaning. The number of divorces is growing. In the past, a bride was chosen by feelings or arranged for by parents in some cultures. Now we usually look at money, an attractive body and other characteristics that are important to us, but the main selection is made by the Intellect. When observing the communication between couples, we can easily tell which relationships have grown on love, and which – on intellect. In listening to their life stories, we can notice that success comes more often to couples living in love. Couples staying together based on money or another creation of the intellect are less successful and have the highest number of divorces. Apart from this, we could talk about the decreasing family institution for a very long time, but that’s not the goal of this book.

In keeping with the topic on intellect and its impact on our lives, we should return back to the Introduction – the more unhappy a person is, the higher their intellect. Take a look around and observe your surroundings. How many love songs have been written? Unfortunately, almost all of them state an accepted fact – star-crossed love. Remember your own love. Could you have said at that time – “I’m in love!”? Probably not, because if you could have, your feelings would have been coming from your external perceptions and the satisfaction of egoism. That’s why a lover is silent and a saint is silent – they own a quality, but don’t realize it. It’s intellect that realizes things and gives them values. After all, what can you say when you are full of emotion in the Here and Now, and there’s no need for any talk?

Intellect chains everything up. It generates emotions such as Egotism, Hatred and so on. Even love is mixed together with the emotions created by the intellect. You can often notice that that the one who confesses love to you is expecting the same answer, because their intellect insists on it, wanting guarantees. Now, is such a love what the scriptures have in mind? Absolutely not. When egotistic love doesn’t get a response, the next step is hatred.


Intellectual extremism

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52 Quotes to live by

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Oriental wisdom says – “if you don’t let the bee go out of the hive, she will not be able to bring back nectar”. Letting go of your knowledge is an art and the high road to wisdom. Wisdom accommodates opposites. The intellect is not capable of this. You have to let go of Rightness, too. Then you won’t be hurt by knowing. Only this will help you become reborn, and only this will let you find joy in simple things. Only this way leads to happiness…

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