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Quote 38

Learn to feel the limit – then you will avoid suffering…

Zett Why


Where’s the limit?

None of the Ways is everlasting. Each has its own limit – its ending. So people continue to run while they can. If there is a birth, then there is a beginning. If there is life, there should also be its end, and the end is being avoided by everyone. The most important time on the way for every person is between marathon starting point A and final point B. The worst thing is that after reaching the final point on a path, people try to keep what was saved in that segment. That’s how natural movement is blocked, and that creates suffering. No one likes to confess that they are guilty for their own suffering. Some people blame the circumstances, and some blame the people around them. As the years go by and increase, the speed and pace also grows, and time seems to go faster. In times of youth it used to move more slowly, but when the finish is near, it gains a stronger momentum…

Whereas… everything is actually very simple. Joy and having no obstacles on the Way show you how much you can take from life. Irritation and tension in consciousness alert you that a limit is being crossed. It’s time to let things go that don’t bring joy anymore and to look for a new illusion. But how many people are there, who manage to let go at the right moment?


Don’t get lost, surrounded by desires

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52 Quotes to live by

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Be flexible!

A young tree bends over obediently when it is tossed by a storm, but after many years a sturdy tree can be broken by its own weight. It is the same for people. While we’re young, we’re obedient and easily adapt to changing circumstances, but with each passing year we become tough and inflexible from saved knowledge and values created by egoism. The more of them we embrace, the heavier our burden becomes.

Jesus said: “You will come to Heaven if you are like this child…” Jesus did not have in mind becoming childish, but instead, the qualities of children – flexibility and the ability to adapt in any situation. He talked about the wonderful childish ability to be Here and Now.

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52 Quotes to live by

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As long as egoism forces us to close our eyes against tomorrow, we won’t see any way out. And just before the finish – in the presence of death – we will realize that we didn’t appreciate the real values – relationships with people close to us, helping those dear to us, and…

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