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Quote 28

Learn to love yourself, so you can love the world

Zett Why

Is loving yourself a sin?

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52 Quotes to live by

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Love feeling duality

There’s no concept about people that shouldn’t include us also. Any doctrine trying to prove such a concept would contradict itself. While it may seem to all of us that we are separate and independent individuals, in looking at this from the side of duality, we’re actually closely related one to another. The same duality principle trips us up.

Somehow it’s acceptable to differentiate love. Love of yourself, love of others, love of children. Basically it’s one and the same emotional condition. When the objects of love change, only the colours differ, but the meaning stays the same. If we agree with such a statement, the contradiction disappears, and what’s most important – the internal psychological conflict is gone. Still, the one person who desires love the most is the one under pressure.

Let’s look at this from another side. When a poor person is asking for some change, you can only give it if you have it. The same is true of your love of others. How can you give something you don’t have for yourself? Here we come to the conclusion, that someone declaring endless love of others, doesn’t actually love himself. When you love yourself, love of others is a matter-of-course.


Extremes in loving yourself

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52 Quotes to live by

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

Start with simple things. Stand facing a mirror. Stare into your eyes. Try to continue this for as long as you can. Say hello to yourself. Say to yourself loudly – I love you! Every morning and every evening repeat to yourself: “I accept myself as the person I am. I love myself!” Do it sincerely. Go for a walk. Eat a favourite dessert. Start loving yourself…

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