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Quote 40

Only at the highest point of a conflict will you realize what a fool you are…

Zett Why


Intellect is the enemy of happiness

You may remember that you were much happier in childhood. Then why has the amount of happiness reduced so much over the passing years? Mainly, it’s the intellect’s fault. After learning to think logically, we open the door to duality. Duality divides the world into two parts. We attach importance to one part, reaching for it with all our efforts, and just deny the second one. But the more we seek, the less we get. People who follow the bird of happiness, chase it further away just by this action…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Are you really unable?

When running away from problems, we usually travel somewhere or go to the cinema, a bar, or to our friends with the intention to complain. This doesn’t solve the problems, but we feel better for at least a little while. When complaining, we keep a constant problematic background of thoughts up. Unfortunately, the amount of problems only gets bigger, because, as we already know, everything is a consequence of our thoughts. Even worse – by going to our friends, we not only don’t solve anything, but we also infect them with our worries step by step. And our friends, of course, have their own worries. That’s how we make a closed circle, which we describe in one sentence – “Who’s life is easy nowadays?”

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52 Quotes to live by

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Look deeper. Behind every “I can’t do this”, our old, good friend Fear is hiding. Do you see him? That’s fear that sets you back. But fear is only a feeling. It’s yours, and you can get rid of it yourself. You must get rid of it, or it stays with you all the time, and you won’t ever get to having, doing, or being. It’s only trash created by your own intellect, and its blocking you from moving forward.


A limit is a possibility

Conflict with the environment clearly shows the limit of your possibilities. Fear forces you to defend yourself. The high point of a conflict is a benchmark allowing you to choose whether you are a fool or a happy person. Any conflict with the environment is only created by the intellect. It shows that something doesn’t correspond with your mindset and values. After choosing the way of happiness, you may seem foolish to the people around you, but you’ll be happy.

As it follows, after deciding to go this way you’ll have to admit to yourself that you’re wrong and look for possibilities for adapting to the current situation. Observe yourself objectively. The main advantage of this will be that the situation won’t control you anymore, and if you practice this sincerely, after some time you’ll even be able to control the situation by yourself.

When you are a part of a conflict and don’t control the situation, think of a fox running around in a forest, looking for accidental prey. The fox is very dependent on the circumstances that surround it. Objectively observing a situation is more like a bird flying above the forest. The bird not only sees the fox, but also other possibilities.

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