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Quote 09

Only by not achieving can you achieve…

Zett Why


The ability to choose is a cause of tension

As we grow up and develop, we learn to choose. We begin to differentiate what is good and what is bad. After learning to choose, we only seek out the particular things in life that we want, like balance of mind, comfort, and guarantees. Still, it doesn’t seem to matter how much we achieve, because we always think that there is no limit to it. That is human. In seeking what we want, we experience discomfort, irritation, or other negative emotions. Even in a moment of happiness, we put it aside, because we imagine that it will be worse in the future. So we rely on past experience. The worst of it is that our personal failures don’t only affect us. When we don’t do well, we complain to others. When we see others doing well, we warn them that it can’t last forever. In this manner, our personal tension becomes social.


The negative side of the mechanism of choice

Take any of the newspapers, and you will see one tendency – the poorer a country is, the more bad news it has in its pages. But even in developed countries bad news is dominant. It’s related to our intellect’s activities. The main purpose of the intellect is to choose what is most valuable for our survival, and to connect it together logically with a goal to pursue. The process of choice itself is not bad yet. The evil appears in another mechanism of intellect – in trying to save what has already been chosen. And it doesn’t matter what it is: knowledge, values, people, etc. In working with this saving principle, the intellect is especially sensitive to bad news, because it causes a feeling of instability for the principle itself. This feeling of instability creates a panic signal in our mind. This is the reaction that all the mass media rely on. In such a way, a sense of comfort is created. We live in an illusion that somewhere something terrible is going on, but we are safe enough here. Accidents only happen to others, not to us.


The guiding law of nature

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52 Quotes to live by

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