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52 Quotes to Live By” Reader Review


There are many people who only immerse themselves on fiction books. However, there are also those who have more complex taste when it comes to reading. It has always been a constant quest for them to look for a book which can give answers to their deepest questions about life. They have become no longer satisfied with superficial answers that they get and would want to delve further to find true answers. They have become more interesting to religious and philosophical books. 52 Quotes to Love By is one kind of this book which has an extensive discussion on the things that can make people really happy.

The 52 Quotes to Live By is available to be downloaded and purchased online. Single purchase of this book will give you access to all types of format to which it is available. For online reading, you can have it in HTML or Javascript format. If you have kindle device, you can also download it on kindle format. For those using Apple iPad, Sony Reader, or Nook Kobo for e-reading, you can have this downloaded using aldiko, stanza to get the epub format.

The 52 Quotes to Live By is ideal for those people who are trying to make some sense of the things that are happening around them. This gives hope to people who, because of circumstances, are forced to travel in the direction which is not usually their choice. This can offer a new path for those who lost themselves in the goals which are only set by the society for them or set by their own egoism. This book also deals on how a person can be unsatisfied of all the knowledge that he was able to acquire. As a result, acquiring knowledge has become like a race with no ending. This book will tell you that letting go of the knowledge you have is the best way of achieving wisdom. When you will be able to do this, you can find joy even on the simplest things. This is the best way to be reborn and find true happiness.

52 Quotes to Live By places stress on the importance of pleasure in having knowledge. Consciousness is explained to be the best guide that we can have in life so that we will be able to stay on the right track. When you alienate yourself from the pleasure of consciousness, you will be suffering. While when you seek for this kind of pleasure, you will find hope. When you are in permanent condition of seeking this pleasure, this is the state of loving. When you will be able to maintain this condition, you will be able to find the Supreme truth.

With this book which was written by Zett Why, you will be encouraged to learn the difference between real happiness from that of joy from egoism. He offers the 52 different ways that will help you be satisfied in the pleasure of consciousness. The recommendations that the author offers are based on analysis of the different aspects of a person’s daily life.

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