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Quote 11

Some, going the Way, don’t leave home. Others who left home, don’t show up on the Way at all…

Zett Why


Give value to life

Every new day in our lives is equal to rebirth. Unfortunately, we only realize this at the funeral of a close person – after seeing that yesterday was the last day for someone. Each time we wake up, we have the possibility to start a new life, and in essence, change something. Actually, every day is a gift of great value. It is a benchmark, from where we can initiate a lot of change. Everything is in our hands, but how often do we postpone our personal development to a brighter tomorrow or wait for special circumstances, which may provide us with the ability to correct the situation? As Oriental wisdom says, “the road of ten thousand miles starts from the first step”. The first step is the most difficult to take.


Start changing from inside

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52 Quotes to live by

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Repetition – the engine of change

You won’t become enlightened after one morning of meditation. This requires a permanent effort. One day of learning won’t bring you positive thinking. After eating one apple, you can’t begin to talk about healthy nutrition. You have to repeat and repeat it, every single day. Many of you will start thinking about changes and immediately start planning for the proper moment. So I want to ask – why can’t you start Here and Now? Give me at least one argument as to why this very moment is not proper. You will often meet people who, in lying to themselves and to others, are postponing changes to an unclear future. Naturally, if you want to change or achieve something in life, remember – there’s no better moment than Here and Now.


Does the current situation satisfy you?

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52 Quotes to live by

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Find your own Way

In the end – one more reminder. Remember that alone by themselves, material values and comfort won’t make you feel well. A Chinese proverb says – “you can buy a bed, but you can’t buy good sleep”. When reaching for material well-being, think about whether it is really yours, and if it is really what you want. It’s difficult to find out what is really yours, and what is being imposed on you by society. But, you will come to understand the real values when you separate these two things. After realizing your true values, you will see your own Way, and after taking the first step, no one will be able to stop you anymore. In this world, there is nothing stronger than a person going his own Way, knowing what he truly wants. He doesn’t face any obstacles…

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