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Quote 33

Space is limited by infinity, while believing has no limits…

Zett Why


The power of thought is limitless

Human life, like any other expression of energy, is a chain of choices, causes and consequences. It’s like a big stage, and the director is you. Yours, as the main performer’s role and destiny, depends on your own choice.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Alliance of thought and emotion

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52 Quotes to live by

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Control your thoughts

There’s a saying – “bad luck rarely walks alone”. Maybe you have thought, why? When an accident happens, all your consciousness is filled with dealing with the problem. Everything you send out – thoughts and suffering– is related to it. What you send out, attracts the same.

Even in communication we choose similar people to talk to. Answer honestly – who do you like to communicate with the most? Of course, with those who understand you and with whom your attitudes coincide. If attitudes match, thoughts should also match. You only have to choose.

If there are only disasters and accidents around you – change your thought preferences. Then the people around you will also change. You can even do this vice versa – begin to seek friendship with people whose thought preferences you like.

Knowing that the director of this stage is You, try to begin choosing. If you observe yourself and the environment, the first results will appear soon enough. The most important thing is conscious and constant control of your thoughts. Become the master of your own thoughts…

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