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Quote 50

Stop dreaming and begin living…

Zett Why


A physical body is an essential condition for experience

A person is a complex creature consisting of a body and a consciousness, or soul. The physical body provides the possibility to experience life, and this is an essential condition for development. When the physical body dies, the possibility for this experience disappears. After death, a person stays in the same state of mind and level of consciousness that he had when he was alive. With the help of our physical senses we discover this wonderful world. Our senses transmit information to the centers of our senses, and we then feel, realize or think of something, and in this way interpret the information about the world for ourselves. A person who no longer has a physical body isn’t able to accept the world as it is in real time. He only understands it in the same way and in the same form that he understood it when having a physical body as a…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Our consciousness is a freedom of choice

Our consciousness is a witness. In our daily life, many of us go about doing things in an automatic fashion, rarely being conscious. Being fully conscious gives a person the possibility to manage their own life. So, it’s you who chooses how to react to the various phenomena and situations in your environment. You can even choose how to live.

If you’re unhappy today – it’s your own fault. You can easily recognize the people living like zombies. Their main feature is their very low level of consciousness. They’re weak, bad-tempered, constantly dependant on circumstances and can’t control themselves. They have more claims on life than satisfaction from it. Sometimes they feel joy, when their circumstances and desires match, but most of the time they’re fed up with life. The scriptures say – in Heaven, everyone will get what he deserves. So, the conclusion occurs – you are able to know right here and now, on Earth, where you will go – to Heaven or to Hell. Look at a person close to you – once there, he will only continue doing what he’s created here. But how can you create, if you are unconscious?

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52 Quotes to live by

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The opportunities of consciousness

With the purpose of proving to you that conscious living is better, I’ll give you several simple examples. Close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out consciously. Consciously control your breathing cycle from the beginning till the end. Feel the difference? The air that you breathe in consciously has a better taste. This isn’t my attempt to give something new to you; the simple fact is that any conscious action provides the action with different features.

Do another experiment. Let’s say you’re going to have dinner. Try to eat one hundred percent consciously. Keep up full consciousness throughout the entire dinner. Feel something? Now apply this to all your other aspects of life. Stop dreaming and begin living!

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