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Quote 08

Suffering and happiness are always near. Which will you choose?

Zett Why


The real meaning of karma

The concept of karma comes from India. In western countries, when something bad happens, it is joked about – that’s just karma! Or in other words – your destiny. The Sanskrit word “Karma” comes from the ancient Pali language word “Kamma”. In direct translation, it means Action. We understand “Destiny” as a fate which we can’t change, but as I have mentioned, the term “Kamma” has the direct meaning of concrete action. Here we can come to the conclusion that all that happens to us is a direct consequence of our actions and the choices we have made. Each action has a reaction. As you have probably noticed, different people react and act differently in the same situation. But before we continue, let me tell you about one science experiment that has an impact on the things being talked about.


Isn’t reality an illusion?

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52 Quotes to live by

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All is thought

Still, let’s go back to actions. We have already found out that thought is the direct initiator here. As you may have noticed from the experiment, actions are divided into two categories – physical actions and mental actions. We are keen on giving importance to physical action, because it’s clearly seen. We think that it has more influence on ourselves and others. Still, logic says that a thought should appear in the head before the physical action, because the physical action is just a result of your internal thinking. Here we can jump to another conclusion – that others only see a tiny part of our actions, because we usually hide our real thoughts and their intentions in realizing and avoiding possible complications. I don’t think it’s difficult to notice this, when being honest with yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning the importance of the intentions of thoughts. We can do the same action, but with different intentions. By calling a neighbor stupid, you insult him. In saying the same thing to your child, you can be trying to teach him. An analogous process happens with the actions and reactions which come from our thoughts. When doing something, we may think that we are the centre of the world, and that the train only goes in one direction. Unfortunately, this is not true.

We are all part of the big picture, and all is related to it. If you hurt someone today – wait till someone hurts you. What you throw, the same will fly back. After watching many people, a realization comes that they are all totally irresponsible for their actions. In talking to each of them separately, they all seem to realize what is good and what is bad, but react in a totally opposite way to their knowledge and common sense in certain situations.

Let’s finish this part of the book with some words said by Buddha: “You are the master of your own destiny. You create the future by yourself.” In my own words: “You are the master of your own Karma. Your thoughts are the same as the circumstances around you!”. Which do You choose?

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