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Quote 10

Sunlight doesn’t wait for a compliment, water doesn’t refresh for fame…

Zett Why


Only by giving away, can you get

Our every contact with the outside world is one or another form of giving or getting. When shopping you give away money, which you earned at work where you gave all your efforts for another person’s interests, and so on. We could continue on and on here, but it’s not the purpose of this part of the book. I would like to talk more about real Giving. About Giving for the sake of itself, not hoping for anything in return or direct profit.

Many religions and philosophies underline the importance of giving. As I have already mentioned in the book, a cell of a human being is only healthy when it gives 70% of its energy to the needs of the person, and only uses 30% for itself. In opposite cases, a cell is treated as a cancer cell.

What is valid at the physical level is perfectly valid at the psychological level also. Let’s look at Giving from an energy viewpoint. There is one or another form of energy all around us. The fundamental principle of energy is conservation. Storing or saving it is equal to the energy expended in blocking the energy, which is impossible. Imagine a streamlet. Block it, and after some time you will find an overgrown pond without life. So in its conservation or saving, it is already Giving.


The essence of life is change

Everything in nature has to change and renew itself. It does this without seeking any goal or profit for itself. Giving and getting are two sides of the same coin. But Giving is dominant, and getting is only a subsidiary result of your possibility to give. Many religions say that by giving you will get back ten times more, and so on. It’s true. Let’s compare it to a seed. A thousand trees are hidden in each seed, but how much value can we get from a seed lying on a shelf? By giving it a possibility to grow – planting it, we actually plant a thousand trees. The same goes with your works and daily actions – the more you give, the more you get. It all seems simple, but after looking around us the realization comes, that we have forgotten the wonderful gift of giving…


Learn to give

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52 Quotes to live by

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Give, even by thoughts

Give to all the people around you, even by thoughts. Get used to blessing them in your thoughts. Thoughts, as you already know, are material, and have a tendency to become true. Start with simple things. For instance, give a smile to the first person you meet on the street. Ninety-nine out of a hundred will smile back at you. It costs nothing, but gives so much… Starting from today, set a rule that you will say a nice thing to at least one person. From time to time, strengthen the conditions. Set a rule to do at least one good job without pay every day. It could be anything, like helping a neighbor with carrying her bags. Offering help to a colleague. The amount and duration of the work doesn’t matter.

In giving yourself and your time to other people, you don’t risk being left naked and barefoot. The more you give, the more you get back. The more you get back, the more you will be able to give. But the most important thing of all is that you will enjoy the best mental condition that you can only dream of, and other things will come by themselves. Start with small steps…

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