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Quote 29

The entire future is in the present…

Zett Why

You can’t change the past

We’re created in such a way that we constantly look back and evaluate our behaviour from the perspective of years as they pass. When looking at life situations saved in our memory, we feel pleasure for our successes and worry about the failures. Unfortunately, we often worry much more, and pay more attention to the negative emotions than the positive ones. If the same failures occur again, we can even come to the conclusion that everything just keeps happening the same way. We don’t even believe that it’s possible to get rid of the habit of repeating mistakes.

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52 Quotes to live by

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The proportion of good and bad

That’s how the human essence is displayed – after learning to choose, a person chooses good over bad, pleasure over discomfort and so on. The balance principle corrects lives accordingly, and pleasure seeking turns into passing moments of joy which are again disturbed by more unending pleasure seeking. Under the balance principle, the amount of pleasure and discomfort should be more or less equal, but here a big paradox occurs – the things you reach for are moving away from you in huge steps, because you brought them to life and gave them great importance – so the balance force tries to balance this out by bringing you troubles. Even worse – after experiencing a moment of pleasure, you don’t own it, but instead make an abstract of all the failures and despair. Ask people around you what their proportion of pleasure and discomfort is. Many will answer that the amount of discomfort is larger.


Get free of the past

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52 Quotes to live by

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