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Quote 34

The most important rule is to have no rules…

Zett Why


Don’t look for the guilty ones – they’re right in front of you

We are used to blaming others when something happens, but after thinking about it a little bit we can understand that only we are guilty for our own troubles. We imprison ourselves, we chain ourselves. We rush into a goal where we don’t succeed and we usually blame the circumstances or the people around it. We attach to something and then drown in losses, because the balance principle won’t let us forget it. The funniest thing is that we create the rules and follow them, but still feel violence and constraint. We overvalue ourselves and then suffer because the people around us don’t value us as much as we do ourselves. We try to keep what we have and we lose it. We seek knowledge, but pay for it with lost emotions. How many more happy people would appear in the world if we realized that all that happens to us is only our own fault…?


Knowing destroys illusion

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52 Quotes to live by

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Pleasure in consciousness is all that we need. It’s a guiding star, showing whether we are on the right Way, or not. Alienation from pleasure is called Suffering. Pleasure seeking (desire) is called Hope. The appearance of a pleasurable moment – Happiness. Permanence in being in a pleasurable condition is called Love. A pleasurable condition which involves your entire entity is Nirvana. People who are able to stay in an overpowering state of pleasure in consciousness all the time call it the Supreme Truth. Here is all that is Human…


Dare to be different

Free yourself from rules. Many of them have not been created by you. Dare to be different. The past consists of rules and attitudes created by rules, but there’s no movement or change in them anymore. The rules are like a golden cage. Looking at it from one side, it can seem nice and secure, but the bird is imprisoned. The purpose of rules is for saving, keeping and confirmation, but how can you confirm something which has no form?

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52 Quotes to live by

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