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Quote 46

The one seeking truth should realize that it’s everywhere…

Zett Why


What is truth?

Truth. It seems to be a simple thing, clearly defined and understandable. Still, do we realize what the real truth is? If we want to find this out, it’s useful to see how we understand it. Some people say – “there’s no one truth, there are my, his/hers, and other people’s. But what is the one undeniable truth? Separate truths are only differences between your mindset and mine. Others say – “you have to fight for truth”. Any fighting for truth is simply trying to impose your own truth on others. So, this definition also doesn’t fit an understanding of the universal truth. People around us are shouting – “you must prove your truth!” Naturally, a question arises – why do you need to prove anything that is a truth already? Any effort made trying to prove a truth is only effort to impose your own truth.

We can only make one conclusion from this philosophical reasoning– everything is truth. Good things, bad things, my opinion, your opinion – everything is part of life. So, Truth is everything, and everything is Truth.


What would you remove from this picture?

It isn’t a play on words. When we closely observe life we can clearly see that everything is perfect, and so it can be called the Supreme Truth. After…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Everything returns to One

After realizing that everything is Truth, you’ll be one step closer to the enlightened. They experienced this by throwing off dualism, and by returning everything to one point. You also experienced it in childhood. Ask a child, what is the Supreme Truth? Things that the child is doing at the moment will be their Supreme Truth – the brilliant quality to be in the Here and Now. The child doesn’t choose – everything consists of one to him. He doesn’t realize what is bad. Someone’s bad actions against him are just a reduced space of living, which he accepts without any claims. When crying, he only softens the situation. It’s a mechanism for letting go created by nature.

After developing intellect and learning to choose, you divide life into equal halves. Then you put bad in one corner, and good – in the other. In this way, two worlds appear. Despite the fact that you deny the opposite side – it is always near. You will only mature and be reborn when you throw off all your earlier experience, and realize that good and bad are one and the same thing. There will no longer be anything to choose from, because everything will be the Supreme Truth!

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