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Quote 52

The only obstacle along the Way is You…

Zett Why


Dare to take responsibility

Since the times of primitive communities, people have worshiped things they couldn’t understand. Along with the development of people, the forms of worshiping have also evolved. We have moved from a direct worship of the sun to bowing to mystical deities. All the religious confessions and many techniques of spiritual development contain lots of norms and rules, which bind us to performing certain, firmly set physical actions, or limit them, and sometimes even define the direction and character of our own thoughts. This may seem right from the psychological side, but…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Everything that you’re searching for is already in yourself

Many religions state that all the answers are in ourselves. People go to spiritual places, visit various teachers, and create a bigger or smaller illusion about their…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Look in yourself!

That’s how we move from one side of the balance to another. The two different poles are incompatible. So we have to choose – to live in the outside world with all our heart, or in the inside (spiritual) one. I have often had the possibility to watch how people are torn between the two extremes.

Look at yourself. For instance, you’re trying to get rid of a particular habit. The more you push it away from yourself, the faster it comes back. Women who have tried many diets will understand this. The more they try to lose weight, the more it comes back, and vice versa. Do a simple experiment. Choose any one of your desires and give it nothing (no food, no air, no sleep, etc). You’ll see, how after some time it will begin to get stronger not in quality, but in “width”, in power, and you will feel exactly that amount of suffering, which will force you to fulfill the desire to its maximum. In this manner, people who say that they’re on the way to spiritual development can seem quite funny. There will be the least amount of spirituality on such a way. They will fill themselves up with various rules, visit several “teachers”, and after that they will think that they have already achieved something. But there won’t be any result, only lofty-sounding slogans. All you can do is to look in yourself. Some will realize it, and others will seek it for the rest of their lives.


Begin loving yourself!

In the East it is said – “The one who can win, never begins a fight”. It’s the basis for the philosophy and morality of many schools of martial arts. Those who have…

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In this book I have written everything that I have found on my Way, whereas I have no real Way. I’m just trying to react according to circumstances. On the other hand, I realize that even the circumstances I find myself in have been created by myself. So, there’s nowhere to go – here is the beginning and the end of the Way…

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