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Quote 13

The real joy is along the Way, not at the end of it…

Zett Why


Intellect is the enemy of joy

It seems simple – all of us want to feel joy in every day and every moment, but it doesn’t work somehow. It can be observed that the less a person’s intellect is developed, the more joy he has in life. You want arguments? Look at children. They are able to feel joy in simple things, but while growing and during the development of their intellect, they lose this ability.

When the intellect is developed, the next factor – egoism – arises. Egoism relates to our joy with concrete achievements. Sometimes there are big time spans between those achievements, and so the moments of joy become rarer. There’s no need to look hard for examples – just look at older people. They feel much less joy. All is seen, all is known, and the real full emotion of joy rarely appears on the surface. This is just a result of the intellect trying to cheat itself. So, has nature really condemned us to everlasting misery?


Concentration chains

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52 Quotes to live by

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The real joy is along the Way, not in the goal itself

When looking back, we can clearly see that we devote the greatest amount of time in life to achieving a goal, not to moments of joy after having achieved a goal. Many of us have lost the ability to feel joy in the Process, and not while approaching the final goal. As Oriental wisdom says, real life is along the Way, not at its end. But how many people really feel joy in the process?

Another negative aspect of seeking is attached to the goal. If you analyze the goals of your own life, you will notice that many of them were never realized. The main problem was not a shortage of your skills or knowledge, but the process itself.

Life is life – everything is related in it. By choosing one goal, you take one available scenario, and try to turn all the circumstances towards its direction. But who are you to try to change that huge, tightly interconnected complex of causes and consequences? If all the circumstances only depend on you, your chances for failure increase. Plus, if your goal contains many other people who have their own different goals, the possibilities for your own success become proportionally less. The goal itself is not the most important thing here.

Pay attention to children – while they are small, they have a wonderful mechanism for letting go inside them, given to them by Nature. We can often watch a child playing with one toy intentionally reach for another, which should have been additive to the primary game, forget the first toy totally, and start playing with the new one. You may say this is childish, but look at this from the psychological side – the child doesn’t suffer at all. He is constantly moving from one goal to another. The child doesn’t even comprehend it as a goal. He is just moving through the process, following the feeling of satisfaction in his consciousness. He doesn’t imagine the final goal, but feels joy in the process from the heart. Every moment of discovery is a final goal to him. When the feeling of satisfaction in his consciousness becomes less, he looks for another toy, and this has no end.

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52 Quotes to live by

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