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Quote 21

Throw off what’s not yours, and you will find the joy of life…

Zett Why


When was the last time you sang in the shower?

Let’s start with a question – when was the last time you sang in the shower? I ask this, because such a desire is related to mental health. During growth and development, we save many things which block our ability to feel joy in life. For example, burdening ourselves with various commitments and promises like “I must” and “I’ll do this”, chains us down.

The first sign that you’re stressed too much is the loss of the habit of stretching in bed in the morning. So many problems weigh on our shoulders. They’re like stones – some are heavy, some are light. We go to bed in the evening with all the stones. Even in sleep, an active life is going on in our minds. Our internal mind is looking for answers to the tasks that have been imposed on it. But sometimes the tasks are overpowering and the problem is not in mental ability. It’s in false habits.


Count your stones

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52 Quotes to live by

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Which stones should stay?

You probably won’t succeed in throwing away all the stones. In an ideal situation, it would be logical to get rid of all them first, and try to not accept anything new for a while. After the emotion of joy appears, the real stones will show up – stones that you can carry with a smile. But if you don’t dare to get rid of all them, only leave the ones which inspire you and that you really believe in. If a stone-commitment or a desire doesn’t bring joy, it really brings an opposite emotion – stress.

Here it’s very important to mention that we should separate joy from euphoria. Euphoria creates a potential emotion, but it’s not real joy. It’s more self-cheating through an illusion. Imagine that you want a super fast car, but you can’t afford it. After thinking about such a desire, it may seem that you feel joy. But ask yourself – do I feel joy, or is that just my ego, which talks big and yearns for esteem in eyes of others?

Learn to observe yourself objectively. See how many stones you have willingly and automatically accepted to hang from your neck. Learn the art of letting go. Learn not to make excuses for others when you don’t want to accept the stones they want to impose on you. Find the joy of life once more…

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