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Quote 23

Want to be happy? Be happy!

Zett Why


What is happiness?

People have looked for happiness for all of time and have tried to discover what it is. Many books and dissertations have been written about happiness and seeking it. The representatives of various religions say that they have their own ways to happiness and fullness, and kindly share advice about how to achieve it. You will also find an ocean of lecturers and advisors saying that they can help with such a question. If we put all this information together, it seems that people these days should be happier, but it doesn’t work this way somehow. When watching the increasing pace of the world, one gets the opposite impression – that people are moving further and further away from the thing they call happiness. Here we can see a paradox – the more we seek something, the faster it moves away from us. The opposite directions lead to sadness, stress and tension. The more we try to push these emotions away from ourselves, the more circumstances supporting them appear, and all this seems like a closed circle.


Can the fruition of a goal be equal to happiness?

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52 Quotes to live by

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What is real happiness?

When people are asked to describe what real happiness is, they very often mention a limitless feeling of joy. I would call it a feeling of joy filling our consciousness. The purpose of this book is to show you ways for guiding you to a feeling of joy in your consciousness. But I’m not seeking to guide you to ways for happiness. We realize happiness in our own ways, and there’s probably no universal concept.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Your way is the best, because it’s Your way…

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