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Quote 02

Water is the most yielding substance, but no one has defeated it yet…

Zett Why

Being yielding is an advantage

Bowing to something is in one or another way mentioned by many religions. One of the well-known lessons taught by Christ says – “if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other side to him”. But show me a Christian, faithfully following such a precept. The interpretation of being yielding is strained in our society. Being yielding is actually not self-effacement or humility in the name of gaining some points in the uncertain kingdom of God. Devotees understand it like the wordless acceptance of injustice, unconcern, and the common problems of mankind. Christians took a formula of responding to an aggressor without violence, and are trying to go along the way of life by bowing in an easy manner, not getting on anybody else’s road, and by praying. Still, try stepping onto their path, and their imaginary bowing will disappear. However, this belongs to another topic. Moreover, church teachers and wise people in this case talk about having a special quality. This is a quality which helps one to survive and win without fighting.


Water doesn’t fight, but it always wins

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52 Quotes to live by

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Egoism is the greatest enemy to bowing

Easy bowing should become a quality of every person. Of course, egoism and conventionality block this. Let’s do an experiment to illustrate this. When you face a conflict situation, try to be yielding instead of your usual reaction and arguing. I assure you that the results will surprise you. The most difficult thing in a conflict situation is not losing your “I”, and being able to observe the situation itself in an objective manner.

Being yielding in the modern world is not valued either in word or in form. Not only is the idea often distorted, but the word itself also even evokes hatred. Many people don’t even have a poor understanding about being yielding as a way of life. The majority of films, conversations and literature treat pride as one of the fundamental human values. Accordingly, this is the quickest path to a lonely life. If you want to be lonely – be proud. If you want to be surrounded by people, and to be in step with all – be yielding.

Being yielding is not only necessary in a society or a group; it is also relevant in your own life. We can often see comic situations, like when women try thousands of diets to get rid of many kilos of weight. If your self-acceptance – being yielding to yourself – principle isn’t working, none of the diets can help. As a rule, the more women try, the more the kilos keep coming back. So, maybe at first you need to make peace with yourself. Then all the other things will happen by themselves, and what you hoped for will be a subsidiary result of your own self-acceptance.


What will you choose?

It is said that the older people get, the wiser they become. Observe your elders – the majority of them will consider being yielding a quality. Only after going along a great distance in life, in which we experience continual losing, humiliation, and absolute failure of self-confidence, do we begin to realize that being yielding is more than desperate prostration.

To get totally free of distaste for the idea of bowing, understand it as a way to real human freedom, and find strength in seeking bowing as a quality, we need to conquer ourselves and change our personal values first. You will need a good amount of time for all this. Egoism and old habits won’t go away easily. You will have to fight them each step of the way. Until finally and not hiding from yourself, you confess that it’s a relevant choice in your life situations – you can proudly continue hitting the wall, or you can bow to it and adapt.

I assure you – that when you turn bowing into one of your qualities, you will advance much further. Start with small steps. As you learned to walk in childhood, learn to be yielding today. The first victories will bring joy, which will work as a stimulus to move forward, and the miracles will begin after that. What they are – you will know later. Be attentive and observe yourself.

I will reveal one more secret to you – when looking at a group of people communicating, you should notice that each one is basically talking to himself. He who can hear his friend, is the winner in such a situation. With the intention of achieving our goal, we must reduce our own significance to zero. After that, you should do everything you can to strengthen the significance of others. When you follow this principle, people will notice that you don’t present any risk to them. As a consequence, they will become more honest with you. Paradoxically, your significance in their eyes will only grow…

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