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Quote 37

When you realize that you have something – you will lose it at once…

Zett Why


Traffic-light wisdom

It was a warm autumn evening. I had a meeting in town, but there was enough time left, so I decided to go there on foot. I walked along autumn touched streets. There were about ten crossings from my home to the meeting place regulated by traffic-lights. After passing some of them, I suddenly realized that in all the earlier crossings the green light was on, and I didn’t need to stop anywhere. My consciousness filled with a feeling of joy – that I was successful, and everything was working out by itself without any obstacles. With such joy and a clearer understanding of what was happening, I reached another crossing. And yes, the green light was on! My joy turned into indulgence. Seething with fulsome optimism I walked further and had no doubt that I would see a green light again. But a red light was already waiting for me there… My optimism and joy disappeared in the blink of an eye. A red light also was on at another crossing… After this, I became very grateful for the traffic-lights – because that evening I realized completely, how the balance principle really works.


Balance is everywhere

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52 Quotes to live by

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How should the balancing forces be managed?

Here a question arises – how should we live, if there’s nothing we can feel joy for? We can and should feel joy, but only for this moment, not for a future illusion. After realizing this law and going from one traffic-light to another, I remembered some particular events from my own life – many ideas and plans left unrealized. An inner excitement for the result had summoned the opposite side – obstacles and failures – at once. I think that all of you have experienced this.

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52 Quotes to live by

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By knowing this, you can manipulate the balance principle, and even manage it. The hardest task is doing it sincerely. The hardest lesson is to cheat yourself. In the East it is said: “Feel joy By the Way to the goal, not for the goal itself. After achieving the goal, Let it go – then you will avoid suffering”. I will add – seek with all your heart, and don’t think about achieving, because when you have achieved it, you will turn the balance forces on. Remember – when approaching a goal By the Way, we usually get the result BY THOUGHTS. Unfortunately, this can destroy any possibility to achieve the real goal. Everything is only given to the one that does not know…

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