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Quote 43

You are blessed while having an illusion, and condemned without it…

Zett Why


What is an illusion?

Everything in our life begins with an illusion. After getting up, we plan our day mentally. Our meetings and deals are “painted” by our imagination. Such “painting” of a certain scenario is called creating an Illusion.

We create an illusion when we’re going on a date. It includes what our significant other will look like and what she will say. We also make a bigger illusion when thinking about goals for our business or life. This one includes what we will do and what our business will be like after achieving one thing or another. So, an illusion is essential for our good mental condition…

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52 Quotes to live by

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You are blessed while having an illusion

You are blessed while having an illusion. You are blessed because during that time everything is given over to Life. When in an illusion, your consciousness is drowning in endless satisfaction. The bigger the illusion is, the more everything around seems nice and perfect. You want to do good for everyone and are surprised why others don’t understand such joy.

Our consciousness has the wonderful quality to be Here and Now, and we are only fully conscious when being Here and Now. We live like we are sleeping all the time except at such moments. We usually “live” in the past or in the future, but rarely in the moment. Now imagine for a minute that you’re doing things that you really like. You’re one hundred percent Here and Now. It brings you endless pleasure, and every moment is a holiday.

As I have mentioned, the main destroyer of illusions is knowledge. Our intellect doesn’t like uncertain things, so it tries to chain everything to causes and consequences, and in trying to concretize an illusion, it destroys it…

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52 Quotes to live by

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Bring your illusion back

There is a way which can help you bring your illusion back – Letting go. Yes, Letting go with a big L. If you sincerely let go of everything that you have already experienced, you will have a great possibility to create an illusion once more.

Imagine that you let the illusion go, and you have no claims or grievances to the first or second love of your life. Just think about the possibilities –you could fall in love like the first time every time. Isn’t that great? Wouldn’t it be worth it to know that letting go of conclusions (KNOWLEDGE) would remove that obstacle to moving forward? Real life is when you drown in an illusion, not when you think intellectually that you shouldn’t begin a relationship with a girl because all blondes are selfish. You came to that conclusion because earlier you were in a relationship with a blonde and had that experience. Knowing is fine if it doesn’t harm your life, and it doesn’t harm your life if it isn’t afraid to deny itself.

What is suitable for feelings is also in harmony with other aspects of life. Remember the start of your own business. Your eyes were burning from that first illusion and you didn’t worry about the time you spent working because it was like a holiday to you. Everything used to happen by itself without a huge amount of effort. It was simply enough to desire something.

Remember the Oriental wisdom – character determines circumstances. Now let’s imagine a character drowning in satisfaction. The universe will do everything it can to create more satisfaction – you attract things that you send out from yourself… In the East it is said: “When you’re angry – you’re summoning disaster!” We are only angry when we have knowledge that creates an expectation or forecasts how something should be. But it just isn’t like that. Then the question arises – what do You want to choose? Let go and find it from anew…

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52 Quotes to live by

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