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Quote 36

You can desire something, or you can just do it…

Zett Why


Do you have any unrealized dreams?

What do you want to do in the coming year? Many of you will mention more than one goal: to begin exercises in the morning, to change eating habits, to learn a new craft, to write a book, to learn how to take photos, and so on. We all have desires and unrealized goals, and the worst thing is that they often only stay at this level. Research has shown that 82% of people have some unrealized dreams. They don’t disappear. Years go by and the blaming of yourself for unrealized things only gets stronger. The main reason for doing nothing is not knowing how to achieve what you want. Wholesale education highlights analytical thinking and devalues the creative potential that is relevant to the display of a personality. Any person with analytical thinking will tend to prove that your dream is a meaningless waste of time. Another thing you have to conquer is fear.

Here a natural and egoistic question arises: which is better – to live being constantly unsatisfied with yourself, or to finally resolve to do something that would really bring constant joy to you? It doesn’t matter if it won’t work – even the joy of trying is really worth it.


Don’t think – just do it!

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52 Quotes to live by

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What you should know before doing

If you want to achieve something, and not just dream and talk about how doing one or another thing would be good, you have to define priorities precisely. There are many desires and opportunities. Ask yourself – in what area do you want success the most? Without criticizing yourself, write the desires down. Pour out everything that is inside you. Then choose the thing that seems closest to you at the moment. Live with this idea. In other words – try it on “for size”. If at the end of three days you still feel pleasure in your consciousness with this idea, begin doing concrete actions.

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52 Quotes to live by

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

You can desire something, or you can just do it. You choose!

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