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Quote 17

You only see yourself everywhere…

Zett Why


When talking to another person, you are actually talking to yourself

An idyllic picture. Two people meet, talk to each other, and separate in a friendly manner. You may say – what’s so special here? But I suggest that you look at this situation a bit closer. If you are unbiased and fair enough, you will notice an interesting thing. When talking to other person, we are actually talking to ourselves.

Whether we want to or not, we think of ourselves as the centre of the universe, also seeing the world only through ourselves. This is especially true in conflict situations. But let’s analyze this at first by asking – why do conflict situations arise in interpersonal communication? The main cause is disagreement in opinions. Now, let’s consider what such a disagreement really means.

Every person has unique personal experience. What seems dangerous to one person can be a normal daily routine for another, and vice versa. When talking, people share their experience and exchange opinions. On principle, during communication with an unknown person, a scanning process is working. The process is soft enough up to a particular limit – till all the parameters synchronize. When the parameters totally synchronize, we say that the person is good, and seek friendship with them. A conflict situation appears when one or the other’s internal limit for achieved possibility is reached or exceeded.


We see ourselves everywhere

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52 Quotes to live by

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How can this situation be changed?

Here a question arises – how is it possible to learn to see a situation from the other side, objectively, and get rid of stereotypes which don’t allow anything new? So we end up with kind of a closed circle. From one side it seems safe, but looking at it from a development and possibility point of view, it appears to be in stagnation.

Watch the differences in communication between young people and old people. The younger a person is, the more fixedly he listens, and absorbs more information. Old people tend to state things more. That’s how a paradox appears – the knowledge of a person who states things is yesterday’s knowledge. It means irrelevant knowledge. The current situation has rapidly changed, and the older person’s sayings about how difficult it was to start business in past times don’t have any practical value for a modern young person.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Oriental wisdom says – you can’t wade through the same river twice. Some time has passed – the river has changed, and you have also changed…

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