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Quote 04

Your consciousness – witness and judge at the same time…

Zett Why


What is consciousness?

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52 Quotes to live by

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Consciousness as a witness

One of the biggest problems occurs when contradictions between different world cognition spheres fight within a person. We can observe a woman suffering from contradictions very easily. For instance, she decides to marry a rich man. Her mind says YES, because it ensures financial security, whereas her heart or emotional intelligence says NO, and we have finally arrived at a contradiction. That is how tension in the mind is created, and it’s all because the intellect’s intellectual logic has a conflict with feelings. Consciousness in this case acts only as an observer, but the internal conflict, especially if it’s related to feelings, sends a signal of dissatisfaction to it.

Here it’s worth mentioning that emotional intelligence is primary – a person starts life under the control of their instincts, and after that, emotional intelligence appears. It is only later that the intellect evolves. As it has been said before in this book – the intellect is an instrument which blocks the development process, because it seeks guarantees and process approvals everywhere. Now, let’s imagine a person who has all their parts – intellect and emotions communicating in harmony. Isn’t that a picture of a happy person? A person who has no internal contradictions.

So, when will you start treating yourself better? Then everything will go forward by itself, as if without any effort. You may ask – how can this be achieved? The answer is simple – stop lying to yourself, and make peace between all the parts of your personality. When there are no contradictions anymore among your emotions and mind in your life, peace and balance of mind will rule. Maybe you’ll have to refuse something or push something away, but ask yourself – how much would you give for inner peace? I think that it replaces any amount of money, and it is the main goal of many people.


Consciousness as a judge

Inner peace will bring you one more thing. You will notice success entering your daily routine. People around you will also see your internal changes. Your character and reactions to the environment will change, too. Each “compromise” between your internal parts creates a conflict or contradiction. If you do nothing, it starts to get bigger. It’s like a seed, which grows and evolves. You can ignore it, but only till a particular limit. When it gets to critical mass, it explodes.

When you create a contradiction in yourself, your body broadcasts signals about the problem. At first, an irrelevant common cold shows up. If you don’t react, the complexity of disease begins to increase, since you haven’t eliminated the cause. The problem in Western medicine is that it fights consequences, but it doesn’t work with the primary causes of illnesses at all. Plus, if you go to unpleasant work or do other unsatisfactory things today – don’t allow them to make you worry unnecessarily. When you make peace among all your internal parts, your external situation will start to change, too.

So the answer is simple enough – harmonize all your parts – feelings and mind, and your consciousness will be your judge. Feelings of satisfaction in your consciousness will be an indicator showing that you are going the right way…

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