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Quote 32

Your desires and reality are separated by an abyss…

Zett Why


Mirror of desires

When looking at a mirror, we see our own image. In observing reality, we also actually see ourselves. Or more specifically – the forms of our desires. Desires are the essence of our existence. They are like an engine driving us forward. Desires determine thoughts, goals, and even our actions. The world (reality) is a view painted by our desires. In our brains, a kaleidoscope of “I want – I don’t want” is constantly going round. I want to eat, I don’t want to go to my job, and so on. Whether I want or don’t want, the essence remains the same. They are two sides of the same coin.

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52 Quotes to live by

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Don’t desire egoistically

“I want” and “I don’t want” are both the same thing. Even by not wanting, we want to not want. When talking about the harm caused by desires, it’s worth recalling the working principle of the law of balance. Any one of our desires automatically brings one side of our life forward. Nature tries to compensate for the imbalance and turns the balance mechanism on. The balancing forces normalize the situation and push the realization of the desire away from you. Try to remember situations from your childhood when you wanted something very much. The more you wanted, the less you got, and when you totally forgot the desire, the thing that you wanted earlier soon appeared in your life. What happened? You just threw your egoism off, or to be more specific – you let go of the desire.

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52 Quotes to live by

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The hardest thing is cheating yourself

The hardest thing is cheating yourself. It’s not enough to say that you don’t worry about the result. Repeating this also won’t help. You need to feel the letting go with all your heart. Many of you know the feeling of letting go already – it’s like the relief you feel when you really come to terms with a conflict situation. Coming to terms means not having any claims despite the fact that the situation doesn’t fit your interests. But coming to terms and letting go are two different things. You will experience the difference in your practice of it.

Begin with emotions. They give up the most easily. Remember a recent conflict, and try to let it go from the heart. Begin with small things. When you gain confidence, you will be able to apply letting go to your desires. There are no limits for a person who is able to want by not wanting…

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