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Quote 12

Your enemy is your best friend…

Zett Why


A tree only grows surrounded by other trees

A long time ago in a faraway tropical forest, two tribes lived. They were fighting with each other constantly. One day, the chief of one tribe, who was its youngest person, thought of a clever plan about how to totally defeat the opposite tribe. The idea was simple – sneak up around the opposite tribe and set fire to their village from all sides. The plan succeeded, and one of the tribes totally destroyed the other. So the winner celebrated with a victory dance around a fire. Unfortunately, after a short time the tribe started to die off. Internal conflicts and disunity came into power, although looking from one side, there wasn’t any outside danger anymore. The chief had changed the most. He had dimmed and lost any big interest in the world. The tribe slowly declined. The young chief didn’t understand that by destroying the other tribe, he had actually killed his own.

Oriental wisdom says that a tree only grows surrounded by other trees. Look at the trees growing in grassland. Their height is not really impressive. Then look at the trees in a forest. Fighting for sunlight, they become higher than each other. The same thing applies to people. The only way to develop is through coping with problems, and who can be better in creating problems, than another person? Who can stimulate you to develop faster, than an enemy? Western logic may be able realize this with some difficulty, but Oriental wisdom says – “be happy when your enemy is strong”. Of course, everything depends on your view. You can see a problem as an unsolvable thing, or as an opportunity. It’s your choice.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that the reader should not pay too much attention to the existence of an enemy. This book is not intended to stimulate you to create enemies. The only thing I am trying to point out is that a problem can be an Opportunity, too.


Heaven loses its meaning without Hell

– Attention! Part of this quote is missing. –

52 Quotes to live by

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An obstacle is your best teacher!

It’s a paradox that after achieving a goal, we lose everything at once. Maybe not the things we worked for, but the things which truly stimulated us in doing this. Imagine for a second that you have the ability to do absolutely nothing. How long could you stay in such a position? A person has to move and develop in some way. While moving, sooner or later he faces obstacles. Whether you see an obstacle in your path depends on your inner potential. What may be an extreme situation for one person happens daily to another. You can choose to knock down the obstacles with your head and hope that they will finally go away, but how many people have died in such a way?

There is also another way – you can see the obstacle as a benchmark, or a possibility to become stronger. In seeing it as a benchmark, it can be used to raise yourself higher. I hope you understand now why I am sincerely happy and a bit jealous when my neighbor has a problem. I think, “Hey, you should be happy to have such a wonderful possibility…” But don’t tell this to your own neighbor – he won’t understand, really.

So when you hear about a problem, do something unusual – feel pleasure. Let this be a stimulus to move forward and achieve. There’s no other way except whining and feeling sorry for yourself. Plus, if you have already achieved everything and lost what used to give you joy – Let it go, and start from anew. After all, you already know that you can. You already know that the joy is along the Way, not at its end…

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